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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Photography by Sang An - O Magazine February 2001 Issue

There was a time when you would never see me without a journal by my side. My journals were typically those black hardcover books with plain white pages so that I could write without confinement and use imagery in any form. Whether it be a photograph, a drawing or a wrapper found in the street I would use any item to express the journey of my day.  I began journaling when I took a class with the great photographer Nan Goldin up at the International Center for Photography in Manhattan. Her work is incredibly personal and she was a big believer in shooting something every day as a means of developing ones own personal style. I took this lesson to heart, waking up each day with the mission of creating photographic art for my journals. For roughly ten years, I produced and completed a journal every three months. In those ten years I traveled a ton as a producer for photo shoots so when I wasn't taking the photos myself, I had plenty of images and items to add. From boarding passes to polaroids, my journals were filled to the brim, beaten and torn from living, breathing, eating and sleeping the art of the journal. 
I am sad to say that it has been almost six years since I have bought one of my black hardcover books. I have missed my daily entries more than I realized and at least twice a week I see something that catches my eye and makes me think that would be great for my journal. This is a very long way around sharing with you all that this blog in my mind is the new form of journaling for me. While I am finding it impossible to steal the time to post on a regular basis I find myself challenged by constant thoughts of what to post, when to post and the relevance of posting in a personal way that captures this new adventure I am on in the marketing of my beloved Rump-Roast.
While a part of me recognizes that blogging is an indulgence, my hope is to share the experience of all that I am learning in launching this totally new business.  What it takes to be effective in marketing and marrying these lessons in a personal creative way much as I used to when I carried my journal around with me. 


  1. Great blog and I agree -- blogging is the new form of journaling.

    I've written a lot on this. Check out my blog for more discussion,

    Happy writing!
    Diana Raab

  2. blog away!!!! i would love to hear what's going on in danielle's head!!!!

  3. I love reading blogs :)
    I was a journal junkie as a teen and I love going back and reading all my DRAMATIC entries. I have them lined up on a bookshelf and kind of hope NOONE decides to read them :)


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