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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cool Baby Kid Announces RumpRoast Giveaway

Thanks to Cecelia at Cool Baby Kid for the great review/giveaway.
Here is what she had to say;

Rump Roast: Custom T-Shirts for Babies and Kids {Giveaway}

We've discovered a cool site that allows you to easily customize a t-shirt for baby or big kid.  With a successful film and photographic company Sherpa Productions, co-owner Danielle Moir re-focused her creativity to start Rump-Roast after the birth of her son.  With designs to reflect the whole family in sizes ranging from newborn onesies to twelve year old tees, Rump-Roast is a good choice for your own children or grandchildren or as unique personalized gifts.  We have "A Kiss" which elicits an "awww" every time my daughter wears it.  

Use coupon code "GIVEAWAY" for 10% your purchase during the giveaway period.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring has sprung, it's time to fly the coop....

Every year at this time I am amazed by how freeing spring feels with the rebirth of all things dormant. This year I am particularly amazed as this city girl just relocated to the country and OH MY was it a long winter! I will not lie, I still miss the city as if I am missing a limb and while the concrete structures still feel a part of my pulse, I am inspired and in awe of the magnificence of nature. 

BIRTH is the word I keep coming back to. It is the season we are in and it also coincides with the birth of my new creation, After two long years of dreaming, planning, and developing a website we have finally catapulted out into the universe.

About five years ago when I found out I was pregnant with Bruno, I was forced to assess my career path. Let me be more honest, I really had to reflect on my level of happiness. I had, at that point, been producing print campaigns for advertising and producing shoots for magazines well over ten years.  Simultaneously, I was running a film production company Sherpa Productions, with my business partner/husband, Rick Kaplan. 

I had the absolute privelege of working with the best of the best. From Maxim Magazine to being part of the team that helped launch Oprah Magazine, I worked with the best photographers, celebrities and creative minds. The pace was grueling but intoxicating for this Type A personality and it was beginning to take it's toll. There was no line between my personal and my work life because the telephone would ring at all hours. As a producer, your telephone is your office and so your office has no boundries. Not mine anyway!

So with lots of fear, insecurity and reflection, I decided to leave the world of production and cultivate that little rump-roast growing in my belly. Motherhood has been the biggest, hardest, joyous and most rewarding production of my life. The most startling difference between my life as a career driven producer and my life as a mom is that my backup plan doesn't have a backup plan. Don't get me wrong, I am still a master planner with the strong desire to structure everything, it's just that Bruno, my 3 1/2 year old son has no desire to stick to a plan. He reminds me every single day that life is to be lived in the moment. 

Whether I like it or not!

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